How to take care of your Alocasia

How to take care of your Alocasia

Alocasia plants have similar care instructions, as they are closely related. However, it is always advisable to check the care of a new plant when you bring it into your home to make sure you are giving it the best conditions. If you need help with this, contact us and we're glad to be of assistance. 

  • Put the plant in a place where it can enjoy bright, indirect light throughout the day. The leaves will burn or sear if they are in direct light.

  • Do not allow the air temperature to fall below 15 degrees and keep the plants away from cold drafts or from air conditioning vents.

  • Keep the soil damp but not soggy; allow the top 1-2" of the potting soil to dry out before watering more thoroughly. During the winter months, water less when plants are dormant to prevent root rot.

  • Maintain high humidity by grouping your plants, using a tray of pebbles, or other methods to increase humidity.

  • Check the plants regularly for insect damage, especially spider mites, as they love the large leaves of Alocasia plants. If spider mites or other infestations are found, treat the plant immediately to remove the insects and prevent any serious damage.

  • Feed your Alocasia with an appropriate fertilizer. This type of plant is considered a heavy feeder, requiring more nutrients than other plants due to their rapid growth and large leaves. 

  • Rotate the pots every time you water to prevent your plant from growing crooked.

  • Repot your Alocasia every few years by moving it into a slightly larger pot. Moving to a pot that is too large will leave a lot of rootless potting soil too wet (because the plant will not absorb water).


Leaves and stems contain oxalic acid, a compound toxic to pets and children. Keep your plants out of reach to prevent ingestion of plant parts and harmful effects.

Alocasia at the Plantroom

Alocasia plants at the Plant Room

At the Plantroom we have a soft spot for special houseplants, that's why we have the Alocasia Cucullata in our collection!  very special version of the Alocasia. Have a look in our webshop or visit the Plant Room in Richmond, where we love to help you with any questions you might have regarding the Alocasia or any other houseplant!

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