The Plant Room Richmond

Yes! This is the Plant Room Richmond! A place where all things green, leafy, and related to plant life can be found in abundance. So if you have a budding interest in all things botanically inspired, this is our fantastic two-floor plant shop which you will love as much as we do. We have a talented staff group and shall also take on trainees from Richmond and surrounding areas. We look forward to seeing you enjoy shopping for wonderful plants and products while supporting our charitable aims. This is THE place to come to in Richmond and the surrounding areas for amazing houseplants, containers, garden plants and products, and interior-style items - not just everyday plants and items but the very best! 

Searching for a plant shop that offers all you want and needs? Come see for yourself and visit us at The Plantroom Richmond!

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Our top-selling categories and products

The Plant Room Richmond only strives for the best quality products. We will list our top favorite categories and products, chosen by our customers: