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Recent Events

Masterclass Desert Terrarium Workshop April 14th 2023

More info soon.

Weird And Wacky Plant Show 27th March 2023

Our most recent event was held on Monday 27th March in the evening - Mr Plant Geeks Weird and Wacky Plant Show ! The attendees were treated to a brilliant presentation by Mr Plant Geek - Michael Perry - with fascinating stories and information about the lives and unbelievable propagation techniques of the most amazing plants. We all tried miracle berries - a West African berry that temporarily masks your taste buds and makes anything sour or bitter taste sweet - and ate delicious lemons and drank vinegar !! How incredible that Venus Fly traps can count! Free refreshments were provided !


Michael perry

Michael Perry 2

Michael Perry 3

Weird and wacky 1

weird and wacky 2

weird and wacky 3

Terrarium Workshop 25th February 2023

On Saturday 25th February, Manos Kanellos from Growth Technology held two events, an Orchid Clinic in the morning  and a Terrarium Workshop in the afternoon .

At the Orchid Clinic our attendees had a masterclass in how to look after different orchids - temperture, watering, feeding, placement. They brought some orchids with them which needed repotting which Manos potted up.  All were very pleased with their new pots - especially the orchids!

At The Terrarium Workshop, our attendees had a brilliant time getting creative with Manos Kanellos in the casual environment downstairs at The Plant Room and made thier own unique piece of horticultural art to take home. Manos started with a talk on how to make a terrarium and then attendees were guided to make their own mini garden.

The ticket price included the glass container as well as everything else to make a unique terrarium i.e., enough plants, clay pebbles, repotting mix, activated carbon, decorative grit and even decorations for that personal touch. Free tea, coffee, soft drink and biscuits were provided!

Terrarium Workshop 25 Feb 23

Terrarium workshop 2

Terrarium workshop 3