Helen is one of our two Shop Supervisors and will help you choose the right plant and container for you.

"My favourite plants are Juncus Spiralis ....'cos it looks at bit anarchic; Senecio himalaya....just because !; Oxalis triangularis.....the colour & delicateness; Calathea Ornata pinstripe .....always love a stripe; String of hearts for the shelfies !"


Michelle is our second Shop Supervisor and will help guide and advise you when you visit  The Plant Room. Michelle's favourite plant is "Aeschynanthus pulchar for it's stems of fleshy green leaves for lush foliage and for it's spectacular red tubular flowers like lipsticks!"


Margaret and Ben

Our two Assistants, Margaret and Ben will advise  you on all of our fantastic houseplants, containers and flowers on the ground floor and briliant interior style decor, garden products, artificial plants and garden plants downstairs in the lower ground floor showroom. Margaret likes "the round leaves and two-tone shades of Calathea Orbifolia "


Imogen and Peter

Imogen is Assistant Manager Houseplants, Gifts and Branch Liaison and is mainly based at Camden Garden Centre but you may see her at the Plant Room on one of her weekly visits. " My favourite plants are: Aeschynanthus radicans because it'll flower for months; Humata tyermanii because the rhizomes look uncomfortably like spider legs; Stephania erecta because the leaves are so delicate; Ceropegia sandersonii because the flowers are cool and it's a fast grower; Dicksonia Antarctica for the prehistoric vibes; Pseudopanax ferox (my favourite plant) because it is so ugly!"

Peter is Managing Director of Camden Garden Centre Ltd and comes to The Plant Room regularly. He hopes to see you on one of his visits! "My favourite plants are: good old geraniums (pelargonium) because they last so long in flower; Clematis armandii for early flower and evergreen leaves; Calathea, Maranta and Ctenanthe - what a great group of plants for that shady inside spot !"