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At the Plant Room we know how important pots and containers can be in your interior and garden. Your plants will flourish when you make sure you put them in the right size & shaped pot. A lavish green plant in a beautiful pot can be the eye-catcher you’re looking for inside or out! Have a look at our webshop or visit The Plant Room in Richmond, London in person - you will be very welcome!

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The importance of finding the right pots and containers


Selecting appropriate pots for your plants is so much more than just choosing a “pretty one.” Plant pots serve a more important function than just to support your plant. Selecting the right size pot or container makes all the difference between healthy & happy plants and ones that struggle and need a lot of attention and work.

There’s a wide variety of choices in pot and container materials, styles and sizes! What you use depends on the plant’s moisture preferences and size. Outside on the balcony, patio or in the garden, many people choose to use terracotta pots. These are ideal for drought-tolerant plants preferring fast-draining soil. For plants requiring a moist environment use plastic, metal or glazed ceramic, these materials are perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Different Types Of Pots For Indoor Plants at The Plantroom

Just a stroll through our webshop will show you just what is possible to match plant and container. We have containers for inside and out and pots that will give your plant the support and your interior or garden the finishing touch it needs! You want to look and feel the different pots and containers in person? You will be very welcome to come and visit our shop ! We have every pot you can think of upstairs and downstairs at The Plant Room. You’ll find pots and containers made out of various materials, in various shapes, sizes and styles! Many of our pots are limited availability by top designers at the  PTMD range  and the range is changing frequently - be warned - when they are gone they are gone!!

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To make sure you select the perfect pots for your favourite plants, it’s always best to find out what the plant needs. This will also help in choosing the best material, size, and style to ensure healthy and vigorous growth. If you need help with this, don't hesitate to ask our staff to give you a hand! If you are planning on purchasing your indoor pot in our webshop and want some advice, just give us a call!