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Everything you need to help your houseplants get healthy, stay healthy, grow better or flourish more! At The Plantroom we have a wide selection of all the products you need to care for your houseplants. Not sure what you need or how to treat your plant? Come to our shop in Richmond or contact us, we're happy to help you!

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The different Houseplant care products at the Plantroom

When you buy a houseplant and stylish pot to brighten up your interior, you're not completely done. To enjoy your plants to the fullest and prolong their live, getting the right care products and accessories are important. At The Plantroom we have the following products:

Plant feed

It's important to get the right plant feeding for your plants. To give your specific plants the nurture they need, there is a big variety of feeds. succulents have different needs then a Monstera. Ask our experts if you have questions regarding the right plant feed for the plants in your home and garden. For your air plants we have Air Plant Myst, a great way to feed air plants (Tillandsias) and provide them with humidity and all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

Houseplant compost

The best compost for all the different plants you have, we carry compost and repotting compost for cacti, citrus plants, orchids, Bonsai and many other plants indoors and out.

Pests & diseases

We have different sprays to help your plants get rid of mites and other pests. These sprays put a thin film on the leaves and flowers of your plants, this suffocates mites and is completely safe for humans.

Watering and houseplant accessories

Stylish watering cans are not only a necessity to keeping your houseplants hydrated, they can also be a nice gift or a beautiful accessory in your interior.

Houseplant additives and propagation

Everything you need to grow your houseplants to their full potential, at the Plantroom we carry products like Perlite, pebbles and root riot to help your plants flourish!